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Toyota establishes department at Óbuda University
31 May 2024

At Óbuda University, born from the collaboration between one of the country’s most prestigious technical higher education institutions and one of Toyota’s most significant domestic dealerships, engineering students can now learn about future propulsion technologies. interviewed János Szilasi, CEO of Toyota Sakura, head of the hybrid and hydrogen systems department at the educational institution, and Levente Kovács, rector of Óbuda University.

Budapest- safest city in the European Union
18 Feb 2024

Budapest is often listed as one of the safest cities in the World and thus, Europe too. The Hungarian capital is a safe haven for tourists, expats, and locals too- and it is appreciated by many.

The Stock Exchange Egg opened at JNU
9 May 2023

Business, Management, and Economics Education at John von Neumann University has reached another milestone. A new financial lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology, world-class databases, and software (affectionately called the Stock Exchange Egg- because of its shape), opened last week in Kecskemét and will provide many opportunities for students and their instructors, further increasing the competitiveness of JNU. This innovation comes just in time now, when the University soon launches three new Bachelors’ in English too.

Hungarian study visa interview questions: from common to unusual
17 Mar 2023

A visa interview or visa test is a normal part of the immigration procedure when heading to study in Hungary. When you visit your local Hungarian embassy to submit your request and your documents along with it, you can expect either an interview or (usually if the embassy is very busy), rather a written counterpart. In this article we collected many of the common questions and some unusual ones we heard of.

University admissions- what’s the best time to start an application
2 Feb 2023

Applying to a university (especially abroad) has a lot of elements- the requirements, the procedure, the fees, the deadlines and so on. It can be hard to decide when to start your preparation.

Let us give you a little guide so you surely are done with everything on time. All these examples are for a September intake in Hungary as an international student.

THE rankings 2022: Óbuda is best in tech in Hungary
16 Nov 2022

The latest international rankings of the Times Higher Education (THE) have been published once again, and Hungarian universities have achieved high positions in several scientific areas. The most notable for BIC is our long-time university, Óbuda University, is ranked on top of many tech-related lists.

Mercedes-Benz training JNU students for 10 years now
25 Sept 2022

For more than a decade, the Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét has been supporting the practice-oriented training of students so that they can acquire competitive knowledge during their university studies. With this practical knowledge they can be the best in the vehicle industry and have a prosperous career.

Can Hungary be the study abroad solution in a changing eco-political World?
7 Sept 2022

2022 is definitely not making our life easy. As the World is still struggling with the remnants of the pandemic, inflation, higher energy-and food prices are making our everydays a little harder. To many classic study abroad destinations visa procedures can take up to 12 months with no relief in sight. However, many students are still planning to study abroad with the hopes of a better education and more prestigious degree. In these stringent times, the interest for accessible and affordable study abroad destinations is higher then ever, and Hungary most definitely leads the pack.

Studying masters in tech: 4 reasons to continue your education abroad
10 Jun 2022

Finding a job in engineering & IT is easy, you only need a Bachelors degree. Often even studying a Bachelors is enough, and you’ll get a job offer even before actually having a degree. Why should you still consider continuing your studies on the tech field?

5G network lab opened at Óbuda University
10 May 2022

A laboratory to measure 5G networks, established in cooperation between the University of Óbuda, the National Security Service and Vodafone Hungary, opened in Budapest on Monday.

BProf or BSc, that is the question
29 Mar 2022

Nowadays interested student can choose from a wide range of engineering programs, which is also true for Computer Science. Two of the most popular Bachelors are Computer (Science) Engineering BSc and Computer Science Operational Engineering BProf, but there is still a great deal of confusion out there regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

BIC Partner Uni, KJU, receives National Excellence Award
25 Nov 2021

Kodolányi János University received a National Excellence Award this year in the category of organizations providing administrative, public service, educational, health or social services.

Computer Science - Still a Star Career in Hungary
22 Nov 2021

IT professionals can earn between 800-8000 EUR even in Hungary, but these salaries can be even higher abroad

Hungary in top 5 globally in international student satisfaction
22 Nov 2021

In 2021, Hungary became the top country in student satisfaction globally considering both international and domestic students.

Kodolányi János University (KJU) becomes the first university to sign contract with BIC
22 Nov 2021

Kodolányi János University (KJU), one of the largest private universities in Hungary has become the first who signed a contract for international student training and recruitment with BIC.

We have implemented...
15 Jul 2020

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