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The University is located in a charming town called ‘Kecskemét’, 50-minute drive from Budapest. Students arriving in Kecskemét will find a dynamically developing city with a strong business background, highly experienced teaching staff and a beautiful campus.

Mercedes Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. also operates in this city.

John von Neumann students have also achieved the status of being ‘best in the world’ at something!
They have designed and built a vehicle that can travel 3082 km using only a single litre of petrol!

John von Neumann University has become one of the largest universities in the southern part of Hungary. Its legal predecessor the Engineering College of Kecskemét was founded in 1964.

University students can learn in modern, well-equipped buildings; accredited laboratories, libraries and training places support their preparation.

At the Campus, several effective and modern tools that are not generally accessible at Hungarian universities will soon be available for students such as special applications, virtual spaces, real-time hologram projection etc.

John von Neumann University has retained its core values for more than 50 years, namely: honouring a commitment to high-level training of engineering and computer science professionals; facilitating broad cooperation with economic actors, while drawing from the latest knowledge and trends in innovation; and cultivating an environment for students that enhances learning.

Horticulture is the most dynamic and colourful sector of agriculture. The tasks of horticultural engineers have been broadening and consist of not only cultivation and primary processing of plants but includes also management, consulting, organising activity, quality assurance, marketing and services. Horticultural engineering blends agricultural engineering, plant science, computer science, and control theory to produce effective and efficient plant growing systems, whether in high-tech greenhouses or low-tech row cover systems.

The aim of the program is to educate professionals with a modern approach to become familiar with the precision technologies used in horticultural production and the peculiarities of sustainable farming.

During their studies, students acquire the knowledge needed for environmentally conscious ornamental gardening and plant application; the specificities of integrated fruit production; they acquire up-to-date knowledge of viticulture and get to know the diverse content and practical implementation of wine tourism and master precision vegetable growing procedures. The practical training of our students takes place in the modern plants of our partner companies, where they can meet a wide range of horticultural production. Students applying for the program can already choose from five specializations, which will help them to become more familiar with the field chosen within the horticultural engineering course.

Within the Green Industry and Precision Gardener specialization, students can acquire up-to-date knowledge of the horticultural sectors:
- digital management,
- intelligent energy programs,
- robotics in horticulture,
- efficient irrigation management.

Programme structure

The program offers knowledge in horticultural and natural sciences, interdisciplinary aspects, an up-to-date basic knowledge and practical skills. Beside the special horticultural modules (ornamentals, fruits, medicinal plants, vegetables, grape and wine) the study program includes genetical, ecological, biometrical physiological and related subjects.

During the study, the students have theoretical lectures, laboratory and farm practices, field visits.

The purpose of the specialization is to familiarize students with modern ornamental gardening technologies. In the 21st century, the process of economic cultivation of open-field and greenhouse crops is interwoven with 20th century environmental awareness, the use of precision technologies and the demand for quality. We want to develop and shape the outlook of future horticultural engineers through these aspects, which are becoming increasingly important in the ornamental horticulture sector. Another important part of the specialization is green space management, which is closely related to the profession, as well as the necessary knowledge.

Our students continue their viticulture and winemaking training in the dynamically developing town, Kecskemét, the centre of Hungary’s largest wine region. During their studies, they visit well-known wineries and do internships there. The dual training and our relationship with the nearby research institute provide an additional opportunity to acquire up-to-date cultivation knowledge. In recent decades, the wine industry of our country has reached the level of developed countries and is constantly developing. Our graduates often expand their professional knowledge abroad, and upon returning home, beautiful and exciting career opportunities await them.

In the subjects of the specialization, we consider it important to introduce the technological elements used in integrated plant protection, related to fruit cultivation, especially due to the reduction of the load on the environment and the positive effects on human health. By choosing the “Integrated fruit growing” specialization, students will get to know the basic technological elements of fruit growing within the framework of the subjects. We also teach the integrated cultivation of the 20 fruit species currently grown in our country, but also the less important so-called “special fruit-bearing plant species”. There will also be an introduction to the currently cultivated, the perspective and resistant fruit varieties. We also provide the opportunity to learn how to prune fruit trees and other phytotechnical elements. The students also receive information about the most important nursery management and propagation methods. In addition, we impart knowledge about fruit storage and processing options.

Students who choose a specialization will be given an insight into precision technologies in the cultivation of vegetables in the open field and in propagation. The expectation of the upcoming years in open-field cultivation is integrated tillage, nutrient supply and plant protection, with the help of which “healthy” vegetables with high quality and high internal content properties can be produced while protecting our environment. Sensor-controlled climate control in vegetable growing is based on monitoring the physiological processes of plants.

The aim of the Green Industry and Precision Gardening specialization is to present technologies that can be used in horticultural production to increase productivity, efficiency and yields while preserving natural resources and the environment. Introducing systems that are well suited to solving problems caused by climate change, achieving greater profitability and sustainable management.
Unique in Hungary within the framework of this specialization, students can get familiar with green industry. The specialization called Green Industry and Precision gardening is designed for those students who are interested in digital management, intelligent energy programs, robotics in horticulture and efficient irrigation management.

Please note that specialisations are launched only with the necessary amount of students.

Career opportunities

After graduation, the students will be able to organise and lead the production and marketing of horticultural enterprises of different size and character, carry out the tasks of managers, counsellors, engineers and take part in research and education.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023
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Apply now! Fall semester 2024
Application deadline
31 May 2024, 23:59:59
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Apply now! Fall semester 2023
Application period has ended
Apply now! Fall semester 2024
Application deadline
31 May 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Apply now! Spring semester 2024
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States