5G network lab opened at Óbuda University

Photo illustrating the news item

A laboratory to measure 5G networks, established in cooperation between the University of Óbuda, the National Security Service and Vodafone Hungary, opened in Budapest on Monday.

Hedvig Szabó, Director General of the National Security Service, emphasized that the government’s program to establish National Laboratories had been launched two years ago. This special project will put 5G in focus as meeting security requirements is on of the most important challenges of the next decade. The aim of the program is to launch research and development initiatives that will be usable in everyday life and serve security. Ms Szabó also mentioned that the scientific background for the lab work and other tech projects is provided by Óbuda University, and their industry partners are Vodafone and Nokia- the three companies have been working together for over two years now on different research projects.

Ervin Rácz, vice-rector of Óbuda University, talked about how much they have done so far to equip their graduates with practical knowledge that is valuable on the job market. The university plans to move forward in the field of R&D, scientific activity, internationalization and industrial relations and become a leading technical university in the region. He added that with the 5G lab and infrastructure, the university will further strengthen its practice-oriented training and expand its research opportunities. He recalled that the university’s 4G lab was opened in 2017, and now they intend to stay in the forefront of telecommunications tech with the new 5G lab.

Anita Orbán,VP of Vodafone Hungary, mentioned that the company provides the private network to the university. She added that the first milestone in their partnership was the establishment of the Vodafone 4G lab for the Institute of Telecommunications. Their goal was clear from the beginning: to increase the practical knowledge of engineering students in order to enter the labor market with competitive professional knowledge.

Zoltán Lázár, Business Unit Manager of Nokia Enterprise Hungary, spoke about the fact that the joint project – in which industry partners are involved – is beneficial for both science and industry, and security and network protection are of paramount importance.

10 May 2022