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BScIndustrial Product Design Engineering

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In 2022, Óbuda University was ranked 186th in the QS EECA ranking and 301–350th in the Times World University Rankings (Young University Rankings).

Óbuda University is the number one practice-oriented technical University in Budapest, Hungary. Their engineering and applied science departments and programs are among the nation’s oldest with 140 years of rich tradition, established in 1879.

Óbuda University is an excellent institution in any Engineering or IT field, but they are most famous for their achievements and leading role in the field of robotics. They are the founder and current leader of the Central European Living Lab for Intelligent Robotics (CELLI), a network of 18 robotics centers and SMEs form 7 countries.

The University has world-class research and education since Óbuda University has
8 internationally recognized research, innovation and service centres including
- Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics (iROB)
- Bio-Tech Research Center,
- Physiological Controls Research Center and
- SmartLab Center.

ÓU students have great achievements in several national and international competitions, such as at the Design Challenge Robotics Building, Bosch Electromobil, Mitsubishi-Scholarship, Pneumobil, Shell Eco-marathon, Hajós György Mathematics and PLC Control Engineering Programing Competitions, Spaghetti Bridge Building.

Famous Alumni
József Galamb – The first world-famous student was József Galamb, designer of the FORD Model T.
Charles Balough- President of the Hercules Motor Manufacturing Company, designer of Ford T-modell
Rudolf Emil Kálmán – electrical engineer, mathematician, inventor of Kálmán filter

ÓU students are involved in professional practice at foreign partners annually; students are required and encouraged to participate in active research and design in the project laboratories and to develop their abilities to do independent research.

The goal of the course is to train industrial product design engineers who are capable of designing, producing and marketing industrial products and they are capable of meeting the challenges of market economy with flexibility and efficiency, with their technical, aesthetic, human as well as economic knowledge and skills. They have the ability of independent, creative work in all the phases of product development and capable of managing the innovation process of product development as well as the material, organizational and human resources necessary for product development and also the different cycles of product life cycle. In addition they have enough theoretical knowledge to be able to continue their studies in the second cycle of the training or to work with a team within different company frames to develop the conceptual, preliminary and detailed design.

Recommended for creative-minded candidates with a flair for both design and engineering, who are keen to learn design and development insights and methods as part of their studies.

Programme structure

The aim is to train industrial product and design engineers capable to design, manufacturing and distributing industrial products, particularly within an SME framework. Graduate industrial product and design engineers are technical specialists who are out-of-the-box thinkers and primarily design, manufacture and distribute durable consumer products and articles for personal use. In possession of their knowledge and skills of technology, aesthetics, humanities, and economics, they are able to carry out independent creative work in each phase of product development; they also know the innovation process of product development, as well as the material, organizational and human resources required for product development; and they are capable to manage product lifetime cycles. They are prepared to continue their studies at a master’s course.

professional qualification: Industrial Design Engineer


- Product design (Interior-textile, Fashion-accessories)
- Packaging design

Product design specialization (Interior-textile, Fashion-accessories)
Students will gain a wide range of design knowledge about the methodology and practice of design and object creation within the mayor. With the versatile use of professional software, students become skilful in applying innovative designing tools and the latest raw material developments by gaining an environmentally conscious approach to design engineering.

Packaging design specialization
Students become acquainted with the cultural and economic function of packaging, the materials, technologies, and machinery of printing and packaging technology, along with the environmentally conscious approach to packaging design.

Main fields of studies:
natural sciences, economics, technical design skills, engineering, management and ergonomics, marketing, design skills, drawing, modelling, visual communication, structures of materials, IT, CAD/CAM, product design, technical drawing, environmental studies, technical mechanics, colour theory, art studies

Please note that specialisations are launched only with the necessary amount of students.

Career opportunities

With their technical-scientific, economic, human, linguistic and design knowledge, the graduates are suitable to work independently in all phases of product development, to lead creative groups in the Hungarian small, medium and large enterprise and international environment. Engineers in this field can also act as independent industrial product designers or as consultants. In addition to all this, the graduate student can also find a job in the service sector and in public administration, where he / she can also use the knowledge related to the human-product relationship and the skills acquired in the acquisition and use of the products.

The economy is constantly in high demand for product design engineering with a master’s degree due to its versatility, good communication skills, flexibility and ability to adapt quickly.

Having a degree in industrial product design, you can take up a career as a
- production manager
- product designer
- product developer
- image designer
- fashion designer
- packiging designer
- exhibition organizer
- constume designer
- project manager

Apply now! Fall semester 2023
Application period has ended
Apply now! Fall semester 2024
Application deadline
31 May 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2023
Application period has ended
Apply now! Fall semester 2024
Application deadline
31 May 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States