Budapest- safest city in the European Union

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Budapest is often listed as one of the safest cities in the World and thus, Europe too. The Hungarian capital is a safe haven for tourists, expats, and locals too- and it is appreciated by many.

Just this year, WaytoStay mentioned Budapest to be among the top 20 safest cities in Europe. The article mentions that besides somewhat pushy restauranteurs in the city centre, there is nothing internationals should be alert of in the Hungarian capital.

Back in October, TraveloffPath introduced Budapest to be one of the safest cities in Europe, being in fact much safer than most Western European capitals. (They mention that many Western capitals are listed as Level 2 in terms of their safety by US authorities, while Budapest is categories in the first, Level 1 tier.) They also wrote that the neighboring war also has virtually no effect on the country, as Hungary is both a member of the European Union and NATO and, thus, essentially a risk-free territory.

Planet Cruise also listed Budapest on its safe-list, mentioning the Hungarian capital to be nr. 7 in the whole World for solo traveling. They looked at factors such as safety, friendliness, public transport etc.

Also, in 2023, TimeOut magazine posted their article on the safest cities for solo female travelers. It’s lovely to see that Budapest is considered to be a very safe city by the list, so much so that the Hungarian capital snatched first place in the EU and third place on the World Ranking. The reserach was conducted by WayAway and it studied over 200 cities to find the top 30 cities, where even women can travel alone while they don’t have to fear for their safety.

According to WayAway’s Head of PR and Communications, Janis Dzenis, making cities safe is not only a moral issue, but an economical one too. He said, “…destinations and travel providers who can give female travellers safety assurances will be able to increase their sales and loyalty from an audience that makes up…well half the world!”

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18 Feb 2024