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University of Dunaújváros is a regional innovational center, which is also set to become Hungary’s center for training and development in the field of nuclear technology, given its proximity to the largest nuclear plant in Hungary. The University of Dunaújváros is located in the lovely town Dunaújváros, approx an hour drive from Budapest.

The history of the university goes back the 1950’s, but got a massive renovation and investment in the early 2000s. The University of Dunaújváros is the perfect choice for you if are looking for an affordable, yet modern tech university with a family-like campus.

It consists of 15 buildings forming a complex of modern classrooms, lecture halls, on-campus dormitory, a public library, professional laboratories, sport and leisure facilities and newly renovated student hostels.

UOD has great laboratories as well, a part of which serves the practical needs of our education, and quite a few of them are devoted to research & development in cooperation with the significant industrial companies of the region.

In electric transport and the operation of electric vehicles, complex mechatronic systems, electric drive technology, sensor and actuator technology, as well as modern computer-based control technology appear with great emphasis, which provides the main knowledge of the mechatronic specialization of basic mechanical engineering.

UOD is proud to have established great industrial relationships, that provide internship and future career opportunities for our students and graduates. They established strategic partnerships among others with Tungsram, Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Rusatom International Network, MÁV Group (Hungarian National Railway Company) and HANKOOK Tire Company.
Thanks also to their partners, students find internship placement or employment at e.g. Apple, Mozilla Foundation, SUN and CISCO IT, labs, Omron industrial automation, Siemens mobile technology, SKF Swedish Ball Bearings, FESTO pneumatics.

Teacher of Engineering: This MA programme offers a broad-based approach to engineering and teaching, provides the candidates with an educational profile that combines in-depth technical competence with a solid knowledge in teaching and engineering. Core content of the programme consists of courses in Mechanical-Mechatronical Engineering and Information Technology Engineering, and also differentiated professional knowledge in the areas of Psychology and Pedagogy.

Engineering and teaching topics make extensive use of case studies and project work; and a wide range of assessment methods is employed. A coherent pedagogical training is also an essential part of the programme.

Candidates must satisfy the University’s entrance requirements. Applying for the Teacher of Engineering Master’s Programme, candidates must have a diploma / degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSc or MSc) or Information Technology (BSc or MSc), or a kind of Engineering BSc or MSc degree that is close to those two disciplines.

Programme structure

- Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineer
- Information Technology Engineer

Reasons to Choose our Teacher of Engineering MA Programme:
• Acquire an excellent mix of teaching and engineering skills
• Develop excellent transferable skills
• Take the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment

Content and Structure:
During their studies candidates are required to take up to 120 credits, each semester 30 credits.

The core modules in the first year are taken mainly from the fields of Pedagogy, Psychology, Methodology and Natural Sciences.

Second year modules introduce the specializations.

In the final semester, students are required to accomplish their final degree projects and write their portfolio, which is a scientific collection of their work, including a big empirical pedagogical research, that provides an evidence about their teacher competences.

Fields of Research
- Vocational education – students, teachers
- Adult education
- Educational services
- Drop-outs in higher and secondary education
- Student career monitoring
- Teacher career monitoring
- Generation Y and Z
- E-learning courses
- Digital education
- Novel teaching methodology

Please note that specialisations are launched only with the necessary amount of students.

Career opportunities

Graduates with a technical background, the analytical skills of an engineer, plus knowledge of teaching have numerous career opportunities. For those students who see their future in teaching and research in the area of engineering this joint degree is an ideal choice.

The appreciation of both teaching and engineering issues means that the prospects of students after graduation are excellent. The technological, educational and interpersonal skills and knowledge acquired during the training will open up a wide range of career opportunities in teaching, research and engineering.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023
Application period has ended
Apply now! Fall semester 2024
Application deadline
22 Jul 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Apply now! Fall semester 2023
Application period has ended
Apply now! Fall semester 2024
Application deadline
22 Jul 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time