Studying masters in tech: 4 reasons to continue your education abroad

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Finding a job in engineering & IT is easy, you only need a Bachelors degree. Often even studying a Bachelors is enough, and you’ll get a job offer even before actually having a degree. Why should you still consider continuing your studies on the tech field?

1. Higher salary & better career options
This one is fairly logical. Most tech professionals don’t have a Masters degree, simply because they don’t think they need it. Finding your first cool workplace after your Bachelors is a great feeling, and many love they field so much, they don’t even think of university again. This is why engineers who do earn a Masters degree, already have a much better chance of being promoted to even higher positions.

2. Great spacializations
One of the best things about Masters is that at this point you already have a degree. You are already and engineer. You don’t have to prove your worth with boring basic training: you are already a colleague. Studying on the Maters level is a much more adult experience, with exciting specializations, even deeper knowledge, even more practical experience and a real chance to discover your life-long passion.

Whether you are passionate about vehicle informatics, architectural design, lifetime management, robotics, biomedical engineering or more, a masters degree will equip you with the sought-after skills needed to transform your specific industry.

3. More networking options and industry connections
Masters programs in Hungary are high-quality trainings usually for a limited amount of students. In these small groups, you have the chance to meet your future colleagues and your professors are all experienced experts on your chosen field. Chances are, you will be in close working contact with many people from your Masters program, even years after graduation.

4. Engineering job opportunities in Europe
With a Masters degree, you further grow your chances to land a great engineering & IT job in Europe. There is always a shortage of well-trained professionals in the EU, thus having an Masters degree from the EU is an ultimate advantage, especially if you also have a strong command of English or local languages.

10 Jun 2022