The Stock Exchange Egg opened at JNU

Photo illustrating the news item

Business, Management, and Economics Education at John von Neumann University has reached another milestone. A new financial lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology, world-class databases, and software (affectionately called the Stock Exchange Egg- because of its shape), opened last week in Kecskemét and will provide many opportunities for students and their instructors, further increasing the competitiveness of JNU. This innovation comes just in time now, when the University soon launches three new Bachelors’ in English too.

The Stock Exchange Egg is an architectural feat: the 80-ton structure is located on the second floor of the new campus building (called simply ‘CAMPUS’), and it is almost floating, as it is attached to the side of the building with 24 iron straps.
However, the insides of the classroom are probably even more exciting as it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

As BAON– a local news site- reported, the Egg got equipped with 24 workstations, along with nine Bloomberg stations.

What is the Bloomberg system?
The Bloomberg terminal is the best financial system and database used anywhere in the world, in which you can perform stock market operations in real time, with 24-hour assistance. The system has 30 thousand functions, including everything from economic news and analysis to stock options, stock and bond prices & data analysis. The technology is so cutting-edge that it is used in every stock exchange and major financial institution, from the Wall Street Stock Exchange to Tokyo. The Hungarian National Bank (MNB) also supported the implementation and takes part in its operation, besides MNB specialists also teach the use of the system.

Dr. habil. Tamás Ferenc Fülöp, the Rector of the University said during the opening ceremony: “this new hall can be the place for such practice-oriented teaching and learning that makes our University proud.”

New Business & Management Bachelors’ from 2024
Besided being a historic tech university on the countriside, JNU is now also focusing on becoming one of the leading Business training sites in the country. From 2023, they are launching their brand new Regional and Environmental Economics MA program in Budapest. Besides, from 2024, they’ll launch three new Bachelors in the main Kecskemét campus- namely International Business Economics, Finance and Accounting and Tourism and Catering. These programs have been successfull among Hungarian students for many years now, but from 2024 the University will open them to international students by launching them in the English language too.

9 May 2023