Kodolányi János University (KJU) becomes the first university to sign contract with BIC

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Kodolányi János University (KJU), one of the largest private universities in Hungary has become the first who signed a contract for international student training and recruitment with BIC.

Budapest International College is a recruitment provider and preparatory college in Budapest, Hungary. We make sure to help you get access to the best enginnering and IT courses in Hungary either directly or with a carefully created & state-of-the-art preparatory or foundation program. Our staff is friendly swift and professional- so you can start your university years abroad with ease.

Why KJU?

KJU is one of the largest private universities in Hungary. The university has recently been acquired by one of the most influential business holdings of the country, which makes sure that the level of education n KJU is always excellent, and KJU degrees remain one of the most sought-after university degrees in the country.
Recently KJU has started developing their international student base as well, and now hundreds of full-time and exchange students study at the university from all over the World.

What to study at KJU?

Choose KJU’s BPROF in Computer Science Operational Engineering either with direct entry for September 2022, or you can start with a BIC super intensive preparatory program that will prepare you for university studies in IT.

22 Nov 2021