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BScComputer Science Engineering

Tuition fee €3,000 per semester
Application fee €150 one-time
Registration fee €100 one-time
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The University is located in a charming town called ‘Kecskemét’, 50-minute drive from Budapest. Students arriving in Kecskemét will find a dynamically developing city with a strong business background, highly experienced teaching staff and a beautiful campus.

Mercedes Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. also operates in this city.

John von Neumann students have also achieved the status of being ‘best in the world’ at something!
They have designed and built a vehicle that can travel 3082 km using only a single litre of petrol!

John von Neumann University has become one of the largest universities in the southern part of Hungary. Its legal predecessor the Engineering College of Kecskemét was founded in 1964.

University students can learn in modern, well-equipped buildings; accredited laboratories, libraries and training places support their preparation.

At the Campus, several effective and modern tools that are not generally accessible at Hungarian universities will soon be available for students such as special applications, virtual spaces, real-time hologram projection etc.

Computer science engineering BSc program is the ideal study programme for those who are interested in computers as well as the structure and operation of IT systems; software development and maintenance. We also recommend this study programme for those who are willing to plan, deploy, and operate computer networks. Besides, it will be also interesting for those students who are fascinated by industrial applications, for instance industrial robot programming, development of industrial information systems, and application of artificial intelligence. Finally, it is the right choice for those who would like to learn professional web, desktop, and mobile app development as well as apply modern and up-to-date technologies on individual and corporate levels.

The objective of the programme is to train and educate engineers who are able to install, exploit and maintain information technology based systems and services including the design and development of the necessary software systems as well. The graduates are able to progress into a Master of Science Degree Programme in Computer Science Engineering and/or are prepared to embark upon a professional career in the field.

John von Neumann University has retained its core values for more than 50 years, namely: honouring a commitment to high-level training of engineering and computer science professionals; facilitating broad cooperation with economic actors, while drawing from the latest knowledge and trends in innovation; and cultivating an environment for students that enhances learning, inspires the gifted, and helps those who are falling behind.

Programme structure

- Network Security and Operation

Students will learn questions related to the security of computer networks and get acquainted
with recent technologies. They get acquainted with regular components of computer networks
and technologies of network building, and with the installation/configuration of software tools
used in network management. They get acquainted with methods of operating/administering
computer networks and learn questions of IT service management. They learn about the
technologies of cloud computing.

- Industrial Informatics

The students of the specialization get competence in design, realization, control, operation, and application technology of basic system components of autonomous industrial information
systems, moreover in the area of development, design, operation, and control of industrial
robots and robot systems.

- Mobile and Web Application Development

During the specialization the students learn the basic fundamentals of mobile and web
development, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices as well as development
opportunities of web applications. In addition, the aim is to learn artificial intelligence, game
development, and acquire skills in the field of programming and to specialize and deepen
existing knowledge.

Please note that specialisations are launched only with the necessary amount of students.

Career opportunities

Graduated computer science engineers possess the professional knowledge in science,
technology, economics, and soft skills, and after having completed the mandatory internship
become proficient in information technology and computer science, which qualifies them to
solve information technology tasks in the following fields:

• design, development, and creation of technical constructions, in particular information
infrastructure systems and services that require knowledge of technical information
technology techniques,
• solving average complexity technical development tasks in the field of information
technology and automation,
• developing mobile and web applications.

The Student Service Center at the University helps students with difficulties with various
programmes and trainings, if necessary, by providing mentors. Besides, there are possibilities of engaging in scientific work, students with outstanding performance will also have the opportunity to join a lecturer or a professor for advanced studies or a scientific workshop.

Apply now! Fall semester 2023
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22 Jul 2024, 23:59:59
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Apply now! Fall semester 2023
Application period has ended
Apply now! Fall semester 2024
Application deadline
22 Jul 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time