BProf or BSc, that is the question

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Nowadays interested student can choose from a wide range of engineering programs, which is also true for Computer Science. Two of the most popular Bachelors are Computer (Science) Engineering BSc and Computer Science Operational Engineering BProf, but there is still a great deal of confusion out there regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Advantages of BSc programs

Computer (Science) Engineering BSc programs are the classic way to learn computer science, may it be programming, system administration, network security and so on. These programs always start with a heavy-duty theoretical part, with a ton of Math, Statistics, Analysis and so on. It gives you a very deep foundation and understanding of computer science, with a shorter practical period at the end of the program. The main advantage of learning this way is that you’ll get equipped with the theoretial part of your profession, thus your knowledge will be always relevant and you’ll always be able to adatp to the quick changes in IT.
Besides, with a BSc program, it is easier to continue your studies with an MSc program.

Advantages of BProf programs

Computer Science Operational Engineering BProf is the new star of IT education. It was born out of necessity- as tens of thousands of IT professionals are missing from the job market, universities created a slightly shorter, yet much more practical program to satisfy market needs. During the 6 semesters, over 60% of your studies will be practical courses, project work and coding, with a much smaller amount of theoretical classes. The last 2 semesters are entirelly practice-based and conducted together with company tech departments.
The main advantage of BPRof programs is this amazing amount of practice: by the time you finish your studies, you’ll have hundreds of hours of real-life work experience and you’ll be more than ready to snatch your first real job.
Even though BProf programs are less heavy on the theory, they are not “lower quality”, they are equally EU accredited Bachelor programs.

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29 Mar 2022